Life In Pictures: Ice Ice Baby

During the Christmas break I had grand plans of putting my feet up and switching the computer off for a week or so. Unluckily, I ended up getting flu and missing the whole thing. But we did manage to do one winter activity and take a trip to the Brighton Pavilion Ice Rink for a turn around the ice with a nice penguin called Magnus. We had the help of the grandparents to look after Grayson, and wave from the side of the rink, which was such a nice treat.


She was so excited about the idea of skating, and taking her was kinda sentimental to us as we got engaged at Somerset House Ice Rink years ago.

skating2 skating3IMG_5223  IMG_5167 Skating Minters brighton ice skating

Don’t be fooled by her smiling face, she hated it! We managed one lap with her until she wanted to ditch the penguin and go and get an apple juice with Nanna. We decided to carry on skating for a bit, because when do you ever get child-free time in the day?!

IMG_5189 IMG_5176 bobble1

 ~ Laura xx ~


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  1. Aw cute and I thought for a second you had named the penguin (totally something I would do!) We went ice skating last year and loved it but we didn’t get chance to do it this year as I am awful and was worried I would fall on my bump! x

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