Our Big Announcement!

Sorry in advance for our inability to remain cool throughout this post. BUT we are just too excited…we can’t contain it.  We spent all of last year working on some really big projects behind the scenes of the blog and we’re finally able to tell you about them. We’ve been writing three kids crafts books. Our first two books (our books! Squeeal!) are officially published and available now to pre-order (available to buy from March).  Our third one is out later in the year.

the knight craft book little button diaries the princess craft book little button diaries

It was quite the juggling act making, writing and editing the projects for these books as well as writing the blog and looking after our children… We aren’t going to pretend it’s been a breeze! And yes, we do owe a lot to Peppa Pig for her babysitting services. But it has been an amazing experience, and lovely for us to do it together. We never thought when we started this blog a few years ago that it would have lead to this. We are so grateful for the opportunities Little Button Diaries has given us so far and thank you to anyone who has visited, read, liked and commented on our little part of the internet.

You can pre-purchase The Princess Craft Book and The Knight Craft Book from Waterstones and other main retailers. Go on, go and buy it. You can buy it now if you like! Just don’t tell us if you hate it…

We’ll have more details on our third book very soon!

 Tia & Laura x