Life In Pictures

grandparents 2

This week, well, to be honest – its been raining and freezing for most the week so to say we have done a great deal…. would be a bit fat lie! Harper did get to spend some quality time with the grandparents which was a nice break.

lilah and daddy lilah and daddy 2

Before kids I never thought I’d give mine an ipad. And yet here I am, it gets whipped out more than it probably should!

grandparents 1

We went on a little beach walk (so cold!) with Amelie’s friend Robin and found some giant tractors. Hours of entertainment.

robin and amelie 2 robin and amelielittle button diaries

We embraced the chilly air with a country walk (or in Harper’s case a Grandpa piggy back) which was great to relieve the cabin fever we were getting.

little button diaries

Harper’s a little bit obsessed with going on a bear hunt and got to try out her new binoculars (tutorial coming soon!).

little button diaries little button diaries

We sadly didn’t find any bears but discovered a lot of muddy puddles – Peppa Pig has a lot to answer for. I think she jumped in every one she saw, got soaking wet tights, did a lot of complaining and then decided puddle jumping wasn’t such a good idea after all!