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little button diaries mini maker photoshoot 1

This week we’ve had a busy week of work leading up to a photoshoot for the front cover of our third book. The girls were collectively the best behaved they’ve ever been at one of these shoots (probably because of the biscuit bribery we used!).

 little button diaries mini maker photoshoot 2

This was the highlight of the shoot, where we gave them handfuls of glitter and they had to blow it towards the camera. The poor photographer ended up looking like a glitter ball by the fourth take. In between photos there was quite a lot of waiting around whilst things got set up but they seemed to be quite happy amusing themselves sat on a window ledge for most of it.

little button diaries mini maker photoshoot 3 little button diaries mini maker photoshoot 4

Laura: We took a trip out to Glynde to visit our old neighbours with their son Beau. I was really sad when they moved last year so it was really lovely to get out in the countryside and pay them an overdue visit.

IMG_7975 little button diaries Glynde 5 IMG_8012
We went for a really nice walk around the village to go to feed the ducks and found some Daddy Pig sized puddles and an amazing rope swing. I may be smiling in the picture but I’m terrified!
little button diaries Glynde 7 little button diaries Glynde3little button diaries Glynde 8

Tia: We went on a very blustery walk to Seven Sisters Country Park. It’s very beautiful there and we’re lucky it’s only 5 minutes from where we live. But, to be honest, it wasn’t massively enjoyable. Both children flat out refused to walk, even a few feet. Even to jump in puddles. Even to see the ducks, or a dog (“Look! A DOG! Walk to the DOG!” Nope.). We used to walk loads, but now it feels like an exercise in hauling children long distances, which I’m not a fan of. Anyone got any tips?! We could really do with some!

seven sisters 1
“Look like you are loving the wind!”

seven sisters 2 seven sisters 5

~ Laura & Tia x ~

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  1. Sounds like a lovely week and the photo shoot looks like it is going to be amazing! What can do wrong with super cute little people and glitter?! Can’t wait to hear more about your book! x

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