Life in Pictures: Why I hate Valentines Day!

drusillas 4

Hooray! Valentines is OVER! I know it makes me cynical and grumpy but I reeeeeally am not a fan. I hate the forced romance, the cliches and the commercial pounding. I hate the disappointment and the expectation. It depressed me when I was single and it irritates me now I’m not. So… yup. Maybe I should have a cup of coffee…. that’s an awful lot of hate for a Monday morning. Sorry.

Anyway, this post doesn’t contain any loved up look-how-perfect-we-are-ness. It just has a trip to the zoo in it. Because that’s what we did. We had a lovely day with soft play, chips and mini gingerbread men. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.
drusillas 3drusillas 8 drusillas 2drusillas 1
The commentary to this was “look mummy, I’m milking the cow’s willy!”

drusillas 7 drusillas 6 drusillas 9

Tia xx