Life In Pictures: London Zoo

london zoo 1

We paid a visit to London Zoo recently and Harper’s face says it all. It might have been absolutely freezing but she was in awe and so excited to go to the zoo and see some of the animals we keep reading about in her books. We took along her cardboard binoculars (tutorial coming soon) and gave her a disposable camera to take photos of all the things she wanted to remember from the day. I can’t wait to get them developed, though I’m pretty sure the whole camera is basically going to be the ground, the inside of the changing bag and hopefully a blurry tiger or penguin.

london zoo 7

Harper took it upon herself to be the tour guide for the day despite never having been to a zoo or indeed ‘read’ a map before. We spent a lot of time just stopping and opening the thing up. It was like going to the zoo with Joey from Friends.

london zoo 2 london zoo 3 london zoo 3

Taking a snap of the penguin. She waited for a long time for one to swim past and wouldn’t turn around in case she missed it, hence I’ve got a lot of photos of her back!

london zoo 4 london zoo 5london zoo 6    london zoo 8 london zoo 9

These two are such peas in a pod and I don’t get a look in when we’re all together! We had such a nice time despite the freezing noses. Meanwhile, Grayson spent pretty much the whole trip fast asleep in the buggy!

~ Laura xx ~