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lilahs birthday 9

My littlest turned 2 this weekend, which seems to have come out of nowhere. I feel a bit emotional that I no longer have a baby, but that’s silly right?! Especially as she hasn’t been a baby for about a year. And now I have this lovely little thing who seems to adore her slightly useless mummy.

lilahs birthday 2 lilahs birthday 3

We had a quiet one, complete with a bear cake (which I’ll be posting about soon – it was ridiculously easy), friends and a chilly little wander to the beach to try out her new bike… which she flatly refused to even sit on.

lilahs birthday 6lilahs birthday 11lilahs birthday 16 lilahs birthday 15 lilahs birthday 14

Big day.

lilahs birthday 8

Tia x