Giant Carrot Piñata

giant carrot piñata

At the weekend we had a Peter Rabbit party to celebrate Harper’s 3rd birthday. As well as all the usual party games with a bunny twist and shenanigans you get at a toddler’s party, we also had a giant carrot piñata, because quite frankly I’m a big fan of them. The piñata was pretty straightforward to make in a few hours. The hardest part was choosing what to fill it with!

You will need:

  • 4 sheets orange crepe paper
  • 1 sheet green crepe paper
  • A2 orange card
  • String and pen
  • Double sided & masking tape
  • Newspaper
  • Hole punch
  1. Begin by drawing a curved line onto your piece of A2 card. Tie a piece of string around a pen and hold it in the bottom left hand corner of the card. Then keep the string tight and use it to draw a curved edge from the top left to the bottom right hand corner. Cut this out.IMG_9698

2. Roll up the card and secure with masking tape. It should look something like a giant wizard’s hat at this point.


3. On the remainder of the orange card, draw around the circular base of the carrot. Remove the carrot and draw a circle 4 inches bigger around the first one. Make snips from the larger circle into the smaller one to create tabs. They should be about 2 inches wide. This will be attached at the end.
IMG_9704 carrot2

4. To make the piñata fringing, keep your crepe paper folded up and cut off strips about 3 inches high. Then cut fringing into this, making sure you don’t go all the way to the top otherwise it will fall apart. Unwrap the fringing and stick double-sided tape on the back at the top. Wrap it around the carrot, starting at the bottom and overlapping it slightly.

IMG_9705 IMG_9710

5. Before you add the final row of fringing onto the carrot, punch four holes into it (at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o clock) and tie sturdy string through it. You want to make this quite long so you can hang the carrot from it.

6. Fill your carrot with treats and pop the lid on top. Seal in place with masking tape.

 carrot1 carrot5

7. To make the top of the carrot, use double-sided tape to attach a large piece of orange crepe paper pointing upwards. Make sure the string is on the inside of this. Then scrunch up loads of newspaper and stuff it into the crepe paper. When it’s full up, gather it at the top and tie string around it to close it. Ensure the hanging strings are coming out the top.


8. Cut a large strip of green crepe paper and cut fringing into it. Stick double-sided tape on the back at the bottom and stick it around the top of the piñata to cover the string ties.

 carrot7 carrot9

All you need now is a stick and you’re ready to get whacking. The piñata worked really well, which I was chuffed and slightly amazed about. I did have to watch the whole thing through my fingers in case it broke on the first swipe or not at all. All twenty toddlers got a go and then one of the adults gave it a good whack to finish it off.

IMG_4084 giant carrot piñata diy IMG_4099

The piñata was a hit (please excuse the pun) with the party guests. We decided to do this before we served the cake as I don’t trust small, sugar-filled people when they’ve got sticks in their hands!

~Laura xx~