Easter Egg Cosies #Brotherchallenge

easter egg cosies #brotherchallenge

These Easter egg cosies make the perfect seasonal addition to your breakfast table. We were asked by Brother Sewing Machines to take part in their Brother Crafts Challenge to create an Easter project that children can sew. These little egg cosies are easy for kids to make from felt and are a great first sewing machine project (though you could sew them by hand too).

You will need:

  • White, yellow and pink felt
  • White sewing thread
  • Black, pink and orange embroidery thread
  1. Print the template (scaled to A4)and use them to cut the pieces from felt as follows:
  • rabbit body: 2 x white
  • chick body: 2 x yellow
  • legs: 2 x yellow, 2 x white
  • wings: 2 x yellow
  • tummy: 1 x white, 1 x pink
  • inner ears: 2 x pink

easter egg cosies 1

2. For both cosies, pin the tummy pieces onto the one of the body pieces, lining up the bottom edges. Pin the inner ear pieces onto the bunny’s ears. Sew these pieces on using a straight stich, close to the edge of the felt.

easter egg cosies 2

3. Use pencil to mark some eyes onto each cosy. Draw a triangle beak onto the chick and a nose and mouth onto the bunny. Stitch a small cross for the eyes in black thread, then cross over again (I don’t know how to explain this!). For the chick’s beak, sew a triangle then satin stitch across. For the bunny’s nose, sew in back stitch.

easter egg cosies 3

4. Pin the leg pieces legs onto the back of the front body pieces, overlapping by about 5mm. Sew all along the bottom of the body piece to secure.

easter egg cosies 4

5. For the chick, pin the wings facing inwards onto the back body piece, with the edges lined up.

easter egg cosies 5

6. Pin both body pieces right sides together and sew from one corner to the other with a 5mm seam allowance.

easter egg cosies 6

7. Trim away the felt close to the stitch line. Make snips onto the curved edges and corners. Turn the cosies the right way out. Use a pencil to gently poke the bunny ears out – this might be a little fiddly!

easter egg cosies 7b

Pop on an hard-boiled egg and your cosies are ready for Easter breakfast!

easter egg cosies #brotherchallenge  easter egg cosies #brotherchallenge

We do love a good dippy egg!

Tia & Laura x

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