Party Planning with Epson

epson printer review
I have been busy (frantic) preparing for Harper’s 3rd Birthday party! This year she wanted a Peter Rabbit theme so I decided to print out lots of Peters, Benjamins and carrots to use as a backdrop for the party. But when I tried to print, my printer decided it had had enough and totally conked out on me. Panic. Big panic. I didn’t really fancy hauling tons of rabbits back from the library.

Oddly, the very same day we received an email asking if we would like to test and review the Epson Eco Tank ET4550 printer. It was like magic! The printer arrived the next day and about 30 minutes in it was printing beautifully clear picture of Peter and his rabbit gang.

The printer isn’t small, but it has the ability to print, scan and copy so it packs a lot in. And it’s wireless, meaning you don’t have to fiddle around finding cables each time you print (which is what we have been doing up until now. Its like a revelation!).

epson printer review

We’re definitely not techy so we weren’t looking forward to setting this beauty up. But it didn’t take long and it was simple even for us dummies, taking about half an hour from box to bunnies! The only hitch we had was that it couldn’t find our wifi on the first search – but we moved it a bit nearer and it picked it up the second time round.

The Eco tank doesn’t use cartridges, you pour the ink directly into the machine, which is great because you can see from looking at the side of the printer how much ink is remaining. The good thing about this particular Eco Tank model is you can print 11,000 colour pages with each set – that’s a LOT of carrots.

epson printer review
The print quality is superb and images come out clean. We tried printing a photo onto some cheap photo paper and we were both actually stunned by the quality. It was crisp, bright and clean – easily as good as photos bought from a print company. We hadn’t even set the quality to the highest setting so we were hugely impressed. The printer has a scanning and copying option, both which were simple to use and produced high quality replicas of the original.

Thanks so much to Epson for saving my bacon with the party printing… now if only the printer could bake cakes too. Maybe that will be in the next model…

~ Laura & Tia x ~

2 thoughts on “Party Planning with Epson

  1. Where did you find the Peter Rabbit to print? And how does the ink go in? Can you show us photo of that part?

  2. Hello thanks for your comment. The ink is pour into containers at the side of the printer and it’s really easy to see from the instructions. We found the images by google and there we’re loads to choose from. We went for high res versions. Hope that helps x

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