Life in Pictures: Easter

lilah bunny

This is my little one’s guilty chocolate face. Parenting laws of chocolate consumption go right out the window at Easter. I love a long weekend!!! Not just because the ratio of parent to child is evened out (quite a lot because of that) but also because we get to have fun without that crappy sunday night feeling. Easter was a bit of a wash-out down here but we made the most of it on our one sunny day with a nice walk and a picnic.

beachy head 8

beachy head 2   beachy head 1 beachy head 3
It was lovely. Although no walk would be complete without a middle-of-the-path walk refusal meltdown. Always.
beachy head 9  eastbourne 1 (2) eastbourne 3 (2)eastbourne 5 bw

Hope you have had (or actually are still having. Whoopee!!) a lovely long Easter Weekend.

Tia x