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When the sun is shining Brighton is just brilliant. We’re really lucky to live so close to the sea, so we often pop down to the seafront for a wander (along with the rest of Brighton it seems!). We went for a coffee during the week and went to say hello to the sea. Unbeknown to me we got a bit lot too close to the waves and got drenched feet within about five minutes of being there. Both Harper and I walked around with a nice squelchy sound for the rest of the day.

IMG_9569 IMG_9579

We’ve entered a new phase with Grayson and, oh man, I thought it was hard juggling two children before this… he’s now discovered that you can climb on objects, especially ones that are tall and dangerous. He’s really into tackling beds, chairs and the loft ladder if he’s given half a chance. His absolute favourite ‘climbing frames’ are up the slides at parks, regardless of if anyone is coming down the other way. He’s got a grazed chin and a big egg-style bump on his forehead at the moment because of his exploration. and that’s with us watching him all the time!


We live on top of a massive hill so Harper rarely gets to take her scooter out for long rides. She couldn’t have been happier to ride along the flat seafront and will just go go go… she is so independent now, but at least her bright coat makes her easy to spot.


Does anyone else do this…. I changed over memory cards in my camera and forgot about a heap of photos from the past month of various outings and visits and discovered them when i switched cards again. We went to stay with the grandparents last month who took us to this amazing Dinosaur Adventure Park – for Peppa Pig fans it was just like Grampy Rabbit Dinosaur Park complete with the massive Dino slide. It might have been chilly but we had a lot of fun and is one place we will be going back to when it gets a bit warmer.

  little button diaries dinosaur adventure park  IMG_0058  dinosaur adventure park dinosaur adventure park dinosaur adventure parklittle button diaries

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  1. Beautiful photos as always. I have all this to come with an exploring little person! I think I have said to you before, if I could live anywhere else in the UK it would be Brighton, I just love it especially when the sun shines. x

  2. Thank you Katie! I’d completely forgotten about little people and them wanting to climb on everything. It’s exhausting! You so should come and live in Brighton! Just move your lovely house to the seaside!! xx

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