More Craft Hacks with Sugru

sugru 6

Have you heard of Sugru? It’s awesome! It’s like blu tak that you mould into shape, then overnight it sets hard and sticks to anything. It’s like, MAGIC! I bought some for my other half for Christmas, then promptly stole it (yup, one of those presents) and used it to seal, secure and glue loads of stuff.

Halfords recently asked if we’d be interested in testing Sugru out, and we said yes because we already know it’s amazing, and maybe it would be nice to share the love anyway!

sugru 1

So what is it – basically, its mouldable glue. But it goes way beyond that – just type sugru projects into Pinterest and you’ll see a whop load of fun things you can do with it. You don’t get much in the pack – and at about £8 for 15 grams it’s not cheap, but a little goes a long way.  The only problem I had with it is that they don’t make it super easy to store once you’ve opened the stuff. For this price it would be great to have a re-sealable pack. I’ve taped it up and crossed my fingers…

Here’s what I made with it:

First, I made a little iphone cable holder as the cables in my craft space are always knotted and twisted in a mess on the floor. I took a lump of sugru and rolled it into a ball. I pressed my cable into it then removed again and attached the sugru onto the side of my desk to set.

sugru 7

Then I made a little holder for my bobbins – because they’ve been in a teacup tangled into a bird nest for years. I took a thin piece of dowel, painted it pink and left it to dry. Then I rolled a sausage of Sugru and wrapped it round the centre of the dowel. I took another ball and attached this to the back of the sausage and pressed it onto the wall.

sugru 2sugru 10

Finally, I recently gave my little one a really old digital camera and she is obsessed with it – all she wants to do is arrange her toys neatly on the table and photograph them. Cute. But she keeps dropping the camera on the floor, so it’s about 3 days from breaking. I saw this Sugru camera tutorial and I thought it was amazing. I didn’t want to use quite as much though, so I plopped some blobs of sugru on the corners and around the lens and made it knock proof (like, ish. I’m sure she’ll still destroy it…).

sugru 4 sugru 3

Thanks to Halfords for sending us some Sugru!