Craft Trends #16: Tie Dye & Shibori

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When we grew up, we swore we would never wear tie dye again. Tie dye and shell suits. We looked back at pictures of us in neon ripples of colour and wondered how we could possibly put it on. And yet here we are – it’s officially trendy again – tie dye that is (shell suits still no. But it’s a matter of time). We find ourselves drawn back in and wishing we hadn’t chucked it all out the first time round.

Shibori is the Japanese art of knotting, tying and dying fabric – usually indigo coloured. There are loads of beautiful shibori items out there and its on our must-try list, starting with these luscious DIYs:

1. Tote Bags by Lia Griffith

2. Beach Sheet by Pop Cosmo

3. Shibori Tutorial by Honestly WTF

4. Shibori Dress by Elle

5. Beach top by Adventures of a Middle Sister

6. Shibori Dip Pillows by The Blackbird

See now, you’re dying (dyeing!) to try it too, right?

Tia & Laura x