Life In Pictures: A Bit of Life Lately

 Arlington bluebell walk

Life in Pictures is a bit of this-and-that this week. We’ve been on a few family outings over the past few weeks and have only come back with a few snaps from them, so I’ve put them all together (we haven’t been that busy in one week!)

Arlington bluebell walk Arlington bluebell walk

We went to visit the Arlington Bluebell Walk for a little stroll. We were so ill prepared as it was really muddy and we hadn’t brought wellies and it was freezing. After this photo Harper refused to get out of the buggy as it was too ‘yucky’. Luckily Grayson was quite happy toddling around for a bit. Not one of our most successful trips out but you live and learn, right?

Seven sisters sheep centre

We’ve also been soaking up the joys of spring and went to feed some lambs at the Seven Sisters Sheep Centre. We got to feed a lot of really cute lambs and even see one being born. They also have a really good outdoor play area which had a play train. We had to tear Grayson away from it when it was home time.

seven sisters sheep centre seven sisters sheep centre preston park brighton

Three of her favourite things at the moment – her scooter, yellow wellies and a bench. If she had a snack next to her she’d be on that bench for hours!sheffield park

We’re trying to get more use out of our National Trust membership so we took a trip to Sheffield Park for a runaround.

sheffield park sheffield park

This is the only way we’re going to get a family picture all together!

london wedding  london wedding

This weekend we were in London celebrating the wedding of our lovely friend Heather. Harper was the flower girl and did such a good job during the ceremony. I basically held my breath for the entire time just in case she decided to not walk down/need a wee/decide she didn’t like the music and want the theme tune to Andy’s Wild Adventures or something equally delightful (all totally possible). She really pulled it out the bag with her behaviour and was an absolute delight. It’s like she knew it was important. After the ceremony she spent the rest of the wedding alternating between the  phrases “look there’s Heather” and going all shy if Heather came close, and “is it cake time yet?”.

london wedding

That’s it folks! I’d no idea I dressed my children in so much yellow!

~ Laura xx~

6 thoughts on “Life In Pictures: A Bit of Life Lately

  1. Loving the yellow theme clothing here! Glad you had fun at the wedding she makes a gorhgeous flower girl x

  2. Aww, well done Harper for being such a great flower girl. She looks adorable. It sounds like you’ve had some lovely days out recently. Even if you didn’t get many pictures the ones you did are gorgeous. Good luck with the MADs – I’ll see you at the final! :) #countrykids

  3. As always some beautiful photos and what a stunning flower girl you have there. Keep up with the yelllow, it is such a fun colour and suits your children. The sheep farm looks like a lovely chance to get close to the animals and a great play area too. Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

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