Life in Pictures: A Unicorn Birthday

unicorn birthday party 14

Who doesn’t love unicorns! They’re Amelie’s favourite ‘Animal’ (which lead to a very disappointed trip to London Zoo a while back). So when she turned 4 this week, we threw her a big unicorn themed bash in our garden. She told me the night before that she’d changed her mind and now wanted an owl theme. So… yep. Great. I invited lots of her little friends and thankfully the sun shined bright the whole day, so it was all good. It would have been a disaster if we’d all been crammed in the house!

unicorn birthday party 4

I was a little anxious beforehand – I am the flappiest person on the planet and I don’t really like being in charge of things. I worry about everything, all the time. But the kids were happy, there were no tears and Amelie had a really lovely day. Phew.

unicorn birthday party 17

We played pin the horn on the unicorn (cue sniggers from parents), whacked the hell out of a unicorn pinata and decorated unicorn biscuits. At least, they would have been unicorn biscuits if I hadn’t lost the unicorn cookie cutter. So they did alphabet biscuits instead.

unicorn birthday party 7 unicorn birthday party 10 unicorn birthday party 11unicorn birthday party 16 unicorn birthday party 15 unicorn birthday party 22     unicorn birthday party 6 unicorn birthday party 12unicorn birthday party 18unicorn birthday party 19 unicorn birthday party 13 unicorn birthday party 21

So now I have a four year old who seems so grown up all of a sudden. I hope she never stops thinking unicorns are real.

Tia xx