A Unicorn Birthday Cake

 unicorn birthday cake 21b

As you may have seen from my last post, Amelie had a unicorn birthday party at the weekend, so I had an urgent requirement for a unicorn cake. I did some research online and in books and I couldn’t find a single tutorial that wasn’t either scarily impossible or just… scary (seriously – google unicorn cake – there are some shockers!). So I went in blind and winged it, and I was very happy with the result.

Freezing the cake isn’t essential but it enables you to easily shape and ice it – plus it’s great if you want to be prepared and have the cake ready well in advance of your party. Make sure you defrost the day before you need it.

unicorn cake 1

You Will Need:

  • 2 tray baked sponge cakes, about 23 x 28cm (see below)
  • 600g icing sugar
  • 25og softened butter
  • 2-3 tbsp milk
  • pink food colouring
  • ready roll icing in white, yellow, blue, black and pink
  • sugar butterflies and dots
  • edible glitter (optional)
  • A3 paper
  • Large cake board, about 50 x 30cm
  • 2 small circular cookie cutters, about 3.5cm and 5cm (or cut around lids)
  • rolling pin
  • cling film
1. Make the 2 cakes (I used a recipe book but you can find similar here). I split the recipe carefully into 2 batches and baked them separately in the one tin. Once baked and cooled, trim the two long sides that are next to each other to make a smoother join between the two cakes and place them together.
unicorn birthday cake 1
2. Make the template by drawing and cutting a basic horse’s head (ears removed) onto a piece of landscape A3 paper. If you’re not confident drawing, find an image online and copy or print it to size. Cut it out and place onto the 2 cakes. Cut around it with a sharp knife. If you want to you can pop the cakes in the freezer overnight now – it will make the next 2 stages easier but is not essential. Set aside the remaining cake to make the horn and ears.
unicorn birthday cake 2 unicorn birthday cake 3
3. To make the buttercream sift the icing sugar and beat into the butter.  Beat in the milk, a little at a time, until it is light and fluffy. Shape the cake using a sharp knife around the edges and along the jaw line to give it a softer finish.
unicorn birthday cake 4
4. Spread a layer of buttercream in between the cakes to join them together. Then smooth a thin layer all over to create a base (or crumb) coat for the the cake.

unicorn birthday cake 5

5. Cut two small triangles from the remaining cake to make ears. Place them on the head, fixing on and covering with buttercream. Cut a long thin triangle for the horn, cover with buttercream and set aside. Refrigerate the cake for half an hour to harden the buttercream.

unicorn birthday cake 7 unicorn birthday cake 8
6. Mix a little pink food colouring into the buttercream and cover the cake liberally using a palette knife. Try to make it as smooth as possible (notice my cake is annoyingly off centre. Too late by this point. FFS).
unicorn birthday cake 10
7. Roll out some white icing between two layers of cling film (to keep it clean and prevent it sticking to the surfaces and rolling pin) and cut a 5cm wide eye shape. Cut a circle from blue icing using the 5cm cookie cutter, and another from black icing using the 3.5cm cutter. place onto the cake and press lightly down.
unicorn birthday cake 12 unicorn birthday cake 14
8. Roll thin sausages from black icing and wrap them around the eye to create and eye line and some lovely lashes. Roll some more black icing and use it to create a mouth and nostril.
unicorn birthday cake 15 unicorn birthday cake 16
9. Make the hair by rolling and cutting sheets of pink, blue and yellow icing into long thin wave shapes. Start from the bottom of the neck and work your way up to the ears.
unicorn birthday cake 17
10. Roll the yellow icing between clingfilm. Remove the top layer of cling film and use the bottom layer to place it onto the horn. Smooth it down, trim away any excess and place on top of the head. Decorate the horn with sugar dots and add butterflies to the hair. If you like you can add a sprinkling of edible glitter over the whole cake.
unicorn birthday cake 18 unicorn birthday cake 20
unicorn birthday cake 21
unicorn birthday party 13
That is one happy birthday girl.
Tia xxx
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6 thoughts on “A Unicorn Birthday Cake

  1. It another amazing cake from littlebuttondiaries.com. ..you both just get better all the time.

  2. Hi there I’ve just made this and am so grateful for all the tips I got from your blog. Just a quick question, how did you get it so smooth? The one I’ve done looks great. (I’m so happy with it!) but it still looks fluffy on top!!

  3. Thank you! We wish we could see the one you made! Are you on Instagram? To make it smooth you can use a palette knife. If you dip it in hot water before smoothing out the cake it melts the buttercream ever so slightly (as the palette knife is a little warm) and makes it nice and smooth. Hope that helps xx

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