Life in Pictures: Butlins!

butlins bognor regis 13

Last week we went to Butlins! It was very last minute and very random and, if I’m honest, I wasn’t expecting much beyond kids entertainment, cheesey shows and a pool. We went there because it was Amelie’s birthday and swimming is her favourite thing, after unicorns of course (option A easier to supply). But guess what (dum dum dum)… It was awesome!

butlins bognor regis 6

We spent hours in the fairground part, which is fab because it’s all free to go on.

butlins bognor regis 14 butlins bognor regis 16  butlins bognor regis 18 butlins bognor regis 19 butlins bognor regis 21

I was the only person on this ride, felt like a bit of a numpty. To make matters worse, about 10 seconds after this picture I was shouting at the man to turn it off now pleeeease because I thought I might throw up everywhere. I didn’t, phew.

butlins bognor regis 12 bw

The swimming pool was good, but some of the flumes were closed. It was a bit cold for me and Lilah, but I am a bit fussy about that. I heard they’re building a new pool at the end of the year so that will probably change all that.

butlins bognor regis 2

On the second night we felt a little restless so we headed out and had pizza on the beach. I felt like I was abroad, it was such a good feeling.

butlins bognor regis 8 butlins bognor regis 1bbutlins bognor regis 9

So that’s it! If you have kids I would so recommend Butlins, the whole place is designed to entertain the kids all day, which means you get time to chill out too.  2 nights is definitely enough though – and I wouldn’t really say you should go if you don’t have kids (in fact I would say that would be insane!)

Tia xx