Summer Hat Hack


I love a craft hack right now and I also love this season’s must-have hat. I don’t love the £300 price tag though! So I decided to do a virtually free version for a toddler. The original hat spelled its phrase in sequins but I chose embroidery as I know sequins are far too tempting a thing for my Little Button to pick off.

You will need:

  • A straw hat (I got mine here)
  • Tapestry wool and needle
  • Tracing paper, pen

hathack11. Begin by removing any trimmings from the hat. If you’ve got good handwriting you can write your phrase freehand onto the hat in pencil first, then go over it in pen.


2. If, however, you’re anything like me and can’t do fancy handwriting, then you can print out your phrase. I went with a simple “school’s out”. Copy the outline on tracing paper, pin it in place, then trace onto the hat using a ballpoint pen. Remove the tracing paper.


3. Then simply get stitching. I used satin stitch in a dark colour so the stitching was raised slightly and visible from a distance.

hatfinal5  hatfinal4  hatfinal6  hatfinal8

There you have it! She loves her hat even if she thinks it’s a cowboy hat and sticks it on her head and shouts “yeeee-haw!”.

~ Laura xx ~