Life in Pictures: Cornwall Part 1

Cornwall 1 - Little Button Diaries
We went on holiday to Cornwall a few weeks ago and it’s taken me a while to go through the bazillion photos, so Life in Pictures this week is a bit of holiday spam. The weather changed every day, and what we ended up doing was so different from day to day, that I ended up snapping away until my memory card was full. We went with my brother and his girlfriend, both of whom the kids absolutely adore. We were so grateful to outnumber the kids for once, and to have a bit of adult company in the evenings where we didn’t simply talk about children!

Cornwall 1 - Little Button Diaries Cornwall - Little Button DiariesCornwall - Little Button Diaries

On the first day we decided to take a walk to the beach from our cottage in Kilkhampton, and slightly underestimated the 10-mile round trip that it ended up being. At least we could all run about in the sand, build sandcastles and eat ice cream once we got there (or in Grayson’s case, eat the sand).

Cornwall Tintagel Castle Little Button Diaries Tintagel Castle Cornwall - Little Button Diaries

On a drizzly day, we visited King Arthur’s Tintagel Castle. Harper has a friend called Arthur so she spent the whole duration of our visit looking for him! Her other quest was deciding where to eat her packed lunch, so we stopped at a lot of benches, walls and patches of grass until she decided the perfect place was in a dark cave. Of course!

Tingle Castle Cornwall - Little Button Diaries Tingle Castle - Cornwall  Tingle Castle - Cornwall Little Button Diaries  Tingle Castle - Cornwall Tingle Castle Cornwall

Harper even got everyone to sit down on this rock for her snack, but then about two minutes later decided it wasn’t quite the right place to eat a teacake. I think she thinks she is Goldilocks.

Eden Project Cornwall Little Button Diaries

We took the kids to the Eden Project and left my brother and girlfriend to catch up on some sleep. We did a lot of running races (which Harper always wins) and flower smelling. Harper’s really interested in knowing what signs say, so we had to read every single sign in the place, including the ones on all the recycling bins. Walking around the ‘biomes’ took a very long time, but I felt like I might have learnt something I otherwise wouldn’t have. Her interest in everything is infectious, even if every answer is met with a “why?” at the moment.

Eden Project - Cornwall - Little Button Diaries Eden Project - Cornwall - Little Button DiariesEden Project - Cornwall - Little Button DiariesEden Project - Cornwall Eden Project - Cornwall Eden project cornwalleden project cornwall IMG_3556cornwall little button diaries cornwall little button diaries

This little one seemed to grow up loads whilst we were away. I think all the extra attention he got made him blossom. He had his own room, so slept through the night, mastered the art of saying “wow” and gave fist bumps on demand – all the main life skills you need really! This is him looking at his auntie, who he clearly adores. Thanks for indulging my holiday spam! I’ve still got a ton more photos to post soon, including me having a go at water sports, and Harper turning into Indiana Jones for the afternoon!

~ Laura xx ~

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  1. Ah you have been in my neck of the woods. Eden is always a great day out for all the family, recently they have added so much more to make it fun for kids too. Tintagel I always think is a bit of a appointment and a lot of steps to climb, though on a clear day the views are pretty special. Well done to you all on your beach walk, the North coast beaches are beautiful and well worth the hike. I’m glad you enjoyed your visit to Cornwall, next time you come so close be sure to pop in and see the farm here too. Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids.

  2. Hello! We love Cornwall and really want to go back already. You’re so lucky to live in that neck of the woods. We will be sure to visit next time we’re down there. We’ve got more Cornwall photos up today. Xx

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