Life in Pictures: Center Parcs

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Last week we took a little trip with our family friends to Center Parcs in Elveden Forest. It’s probably the only holiday we’ll get this year as we’re doing our house up, and I was ridiculously excited about going (and equally depressed about leaving. Waaah). It couldn’t have been more lovely. We swam and walked and wobbled around on bikes, ate about 6 blocks of Camembert and drank just enough Prosecco to make us giggle like teenagers throughout the evening.

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We had a little bit of beachy time by the lake too. For 5 minutes, I closed my eyes and felt like I was somewhere tropical… then I got sand plonked on my head. But still, 5 minutes is a record this year and I’m taking it. We built sandcastles, sand teddy bears and turned Amelie into a mermaid. I love a bit of sand sculpting – probably got quite a bit of duck poo on me though.
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Lilah managed to fall asleep on the bike, no idea how with all those bumps. Worst timing for a nap too at 5pm. I could see a ruined evening ahead. Had to whip her out and wake her up! The bike ride was lovely though, definitely going to dig our bikes out before the summer is over next week.

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So now, back home to reality with a kaboof. Scaffolding, demolition and microwave dinners in the spare room for the next 6 weeks! Focus on the end goal, focus on the end goal….

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