Life in Pictures

school fair 7I don’t know what’s happened to me recently, I’ve become a total wimp. I’ve always been a bit emotional – I still can’t watch The Lion King and I cry at First Dates every time I watch it for no apparent reason. But with the kids… it’s hit a whole new level. Every ‘first’ has me blubbing, every cute thing they say, every time they play nicely together. I’m useless. Amelie is starting school in September and I know it’s going to fill me with lots of teary moments. We went to her school fair at the weekend and it was so lovely, she’s so excited. I watched her run around happily whilst I watched on with a gooey smile and a little pet frog in my throat the whole way through.

school fair 4 school fair 2 school fair 1 school fair 6 school fair 7school fair 8blue eyes blue eyes 2

Another moment that had me unjustifiably wiping tears was watching Amelie ride her new bike. She got it for her 4th birthday (its a Bobbin Gingersnap and I think I wanted it more than she did to be honest, it’s beautiful), and I spent the whole evening staring at it in shock that such a huge bike fits my little tot. She’s not a tot anymore. I can’t carry her around like a baby anymore. I can’t even spell out “ice cream” anymore, she’s onto me. She’s getting big and it terrifies me (sniff…)

amelies new bikesunshine 2 sunshine

Have a lovely sunny week.

Tia x