Boden-Inspired Ribbon Skirt

boden skirt hack by little button diaries

I am seriously loving the summer folky style trend of adding embroidery, ribbons, pom pom, ric rac, and basically any and every bit of embellishment you can find, to clothing this season. Boden has a really lovely selection of clothes which I put into a virtual basket before deciding to have a go at doing a version myself. My favourite piece was this skirt. The version I made cost about a third of the price of the original and was pretty simple to make. If you fancy making your own, here’s what you need. (Measurements and sizing are to fit a four year old).

– Fabric (measuring 41in x 16in)
– Lining fabric (measuring 41in x 14in)
– Ric rac in five colours and ribbon in two styles (50in each)
– Sewing thread to match the ric rac and ribbon
– 1in thick elastic (to the length of the size of your child’s waist plus 1in)

1. Begin by making a hem on both pieces of fabric. Turn the bottom of each piece under by half an inch and press. Turn over again by half an inch, press and sew in place using a sewing machine.

2. Pin your ric rac and ribbons onto the bottom third of the main piece of fabric making sure you have at least an inch hanging over each side of the fabric. If you’re indecisive like me, this may take a while!

Boden ribbon skirt hack by Little Button Diaries

3. Sew in place. For the ric rac, sew straight along the middle and for the ribbon sew at the top and bottom of it so it doesn’t flap. Start and end each line with a few back stitches to secure in place. I changed the thread colour for each ribbon so it matched but kept the bobbin thread as white so it didn’t take ages to keep swapping bobbins.

Boden ribbon skirt hack by Little Button Diaries

4. Fold the fabric, right sides together, so the ends of the ric rac and ribbons meet each other and are aligned. Sew together with a ½ an inch seam allowance then trim any excess trimmings off and press the seam open. Fold your lining fabric and sew together with a ½ an inch seam allowance and press seam open.

 Boden ribbon skirt hack by Little Button Diaries Boden ribbon skirt hack by Little Button Diaries Boden ribbon skirt hack by Little Button Diaries

5. Turn fabric with the ric rac inside out, so that the right sides are together. Then put it inside the lining fabric (as if you’d turned the finished skirt inside out). Line up the fabrics so the tops and side seams match. Turn the fabrics over 1/4 in and fold again by 1/4in and sew in place to create a hem. Place your elastic at the top of your fabric and fold the fabric over the elastic. You want the elastic to be able to fit into the casing but not be too loose. Pin the fabric down and remove the elastic. Sew to form a casing for the elastic. Leave a two-inch gap at the back so you can feed the elastic through.

Boden ribbon skirt hack by Little Button Diaries

6. Put a safety-pin on each end of the elastic and feed it through the casing. You will have to fiddle a bit to gather the skirt evenly. Overlap each end of the elastic by an inch and sew the ends of the elastic together using a a zig zag stitch. Then sew the elastic casing shut using a straight stitch and you’re done.

Boden ribbon skirt hack by Little Button Diaries
Boden ribbon skirt hack by Little Button Diaries

Whilst the version I made wasn’t as amazing as the original, Harper loves it and spent a good 15 minutes going “weeeeee” and twirling around in it (typically this was the one time I didn’t have my camera).

~ Laura xx ~

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