1,096 Days of Crafting

littlebuttondiaries3rd birthday

Hooray!! Today we’re celebrating our third blogiversary (Yes we made that word up. And?!).  In the three years since starting the blog, we’ve written 4 books, won 2 awards and worked with some brands we love. We couldn’t have imagined when starting this online diary what path it would have taken us down and we are so grateful to everyone who has ever read our blog.

We are super proud of what we’ve created, it may not a big player in the blog world and it probably won’t ever be, but we’re very happy with our tiny piece of the internet. We set out to document our crafting antics and to try and making crafting for kids accessible and easy for everyone. Our blog can be demanding at times and all consuming, but it’s incredibly rewarding and we love working together on it.  We were both terrified when we decided not to return to our jobs after maternity leave to focus on our crafting work, so have had to work hard to get an income. That’s meant lots of late-nights, early starts and frantic nap-time crafting!

We actually can’t remember how our friendship was before the blog now, what we talked about, how we spent our time…it’s all vanished. There are some moments when our blog seems to take over. There are other moments where we can’t think of a single thing to make. And then there are the moments when everything we do make seems like a pile of poo.  We might not share these ones with you, not because we want to seem like perfect Pinterest crafters but because you might not want to read about all the rubbish we produce! We’re not perfect and we’re not super skilled -we’re normal mums who love doing the things we love, and and we hope you love it too.

All in all thank you for being on this journey with us and for supporting us in getting here.

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~Love Laura, Tia and our Little Buttons xx ~

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