Life In Pictures: George Jeans

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We were asked by George at Asda if we would be interested in putting their jeans to the test. We were delighted to give them a go – like most people we’re in Jeans 90% of the time and always on the look out for ones that look good and feel comfy. We both find it hard to find jeans with a good fit that don’t go saggy and misshapen after 2 hours of wear. So we crossed our fingers that George would have the magic answer!

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George have gone BIG on jeans at the moment – they’ve got all the answers for loads of different shapes. Have a look at their denim guide to explore their range, including Wonder Form and Wonder Sculpt. Who doesn’t want a wonder sculpt?!


We tried two different styles and Laura was even daring enough to choose white– who wear white with toddlers? They were covered in yoghurt and snot (thanks Grayson) before long but it was nice to feel like Liz Hurley for a little bit! The jeans kept the shape for the whole day and didn’t feel restricting at all. In fact, they felt like wearing leggings. Tia picked a boot leg that was a little bit long for her short pegs, but rolled up worked a charm. They were super soft and comfy.


The kiddies sat very happily playing with the pebbles whilst we pratted about with our cameras. The big girls had a real giggle pretending to be mummies (if you’re interested, this basically entails prancing up and down in sunnies, getting things out your bag). They’re so cute :-)

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These gold bags are from George too and for the record we think they’re amaaaaazing. They’re big enough to hold all the toddler crap we need to lug around, but they’re bootiful too. Yes, we both got one. Yes, we’ll be wearing them together. We’re cool.

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Thanks to Asda for sending us outfits to test drive. All thoughts and opinions on the clothes are on own.

~ Laura & Tia x ~

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