(Park) Life In Pictures

playground fun

We spent about 4 hours in our local park this week, just hanging out. We haven’t had chance to do that for ages – it was so nice. Every time we meet up we try to cram work in and we always end up feeling like we don’t spend enough time doing normal stuff, normal kid, mum, friend stuff. So this week we hung out. We did work a bit too to be honest… but mainly we played! Thank goodness summer is finally here. WHOOP. Looking back at these photos and seeing how much they have all grown is a really nice reminder of one of the main reasons we started this blog – to document their childhood!

little button diaries - park photo little button diaries - park photolittle button diaries - park photolittle button diaries - park photo  little button diaries - park photo

little button diaries - park photo

Then Tia spent the weekend lugging the kids round reclamation yards – which are the worst place in the world for kids. They hate being there and there’s tonnes of iron stacked up waiting for a friendly toddler to give it a nudge. But then we found an ice cream, and a hungry horse (an actual one, not the pub) which seemed to make all the dullness fade away.

 horam pics little button diaries 1 horam pics little button diaries 4 horam pics little button diaries 2

Look at his funny teeth! (And yes, we were very careful with their little fingers.)

Petworth house - little button diariesPetworth house - little button diaries Petworth house - little button diaries

Laura went exploring Petworth House and Park which was a great National Trust place for kids. There was lots of open space to run around, games and puzzles to do around the house and ride on fire trucks to explore some of the grounds on. We’d really recommend a nose around it if you’re in the area!

~ Laura & Tia xx ~