George’s Ultimate Bedroom Makeover


We do love a good challenge here at Little Button Diaries, so when George at Asda asked if we wanted to be involved in their ultimate bedroom makeover challenge we jumped at the chance. They wanted us to create a mood board to show our children’s dream bedrooms, using items only from their store. The only problem with this is we now want everything (everything) in our selection. Damn. We were really surprised with the amount of trendy stuff available from George, and it didn’t feel at all supermarket-y. Yes, we said supermarket-y. You know what we mean though, right?

I sat down with Harper to compile the selection, and it was really fun – apart from having to constantly remind her that we were just pretending to shop, and not actually buying the robot light, lion clock, etc. etc. Trying to ask a three year old what they would like in their bedroom isn’t the easiest thing to do so I started with her favourite colour, yellow, as inspiration. We had a look online at the kids bedroom bits and spent ages picking out bedroom accessories. Here’s what we got:

George's Ultimate Bedroom Makeover - Our circus themed kids bedroom! #GeorgeousRoomChallenge @GeorgeatAsda via Little Button Diaries

1.  Yellow Webster Bed & Mattress   2. Spot Fitted Sheets 

3. Pom Pom Throw  4. Elephant Circus Rug

5. Wooden Kitchen 6. Kids Beanbag

7. Drake Chest of Drawers 8. Lion World Traveller Alarm Clock

9. Bright Reversible Duvet Set 10. Circus String Lights

11. Robot Pot Lamp 12. Tea Party Cushion 

13. Chimney Lampshade 14. Girl’s Best Friend Curtains

15. Circus Wall Stickers 16. Ice Cream Print Pyjamas

We chatted a bit about what she’d like in her dream bedroom and it turns out she has very strong opinions. The lion clock apparently was the most essential item, as she says “I’m going to be a lion when I grow up you see, Mummy?” I also asked Grayson what he’d like and he just went “ROAR” (he does that a lot!) which I took to mean he wanted the lion clock too.

Harper had also fallen in love with the teapot cushion “because now I can have GIANT tea parties with GIANTS”. So we might have to get her that one. I like the idea of a giant tea party and i’m pretty sure she will be a lion or at least a lion tamer when she grows up!

~ Laura xx ~