Life in Pictures – Houseboat!

farncombe boat house 19

I’ve always wanted to live on a Houseboat. Well, always until I had kids I should say – not so sure I could handle the confinement/water proximity now that I have my two little monsters. But there’s something exciting about the freedom and simplicity of a boat on a canal. Last week we had a day on a lovely boat with our family and it was so lovely. I’ve been a bit of a whinger recently with all my house refurbishments and piles of to-do lists, so having a day on the water was just what I needed to chill me right out. That plus quite a few glasses of Prosecco.

houseboat day 1farncombe boat house 5 farncombe boat house 1 farncombe boat house 2farncombe boat house 7farncombe boat house 15 farncombe boat house 14

farncombe boat house 13

Oh, this is Graham the dog, he’s lovely. Although he does eat absolutely everything in sight. He ate an entire pack of Ferrero Rocher at Christmas, plastic container and all. Followed by a loaf of bread. Followed by the compost bucket. His stomach is made of steal.

farncombe boat house 11 farncombe boat house 12

farncombe boat house 9

She sticks her little tongue out when she’s concentrating. It’s so cute. I’m always there, hovering over her like a fly trying to photograph her cuteness.

We hired our houseboat from Farncombe Boathouse and it was very super duper lovely.

Tia xxx