Mini Makers – Popsicle Fairies

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I just thought I’d share these little popsicle fairies we made last week because they were fun to make and to be honest, they kept the kids entertained for a good hour and that’s worth sharing in the summer holidays – it meant I could mow the lawn! I hid them in the garden (like, really well) for them to go on a little fairy hunt.

Fairies are big in our house at the moment, we made a fairy garden a few weeks ago and they wanted to make dolls to go with it. We tried making them from pipe cleaners, but they came out looking like dodgy voodoo dolls. Popsicle sticks are perfect – cheap, easy to glue and you can draw on them.

You Will Need:

  • popsicle/lollipop sticks
  • craft glue
  • pens
  • pompoms, sequins, etc.
  • scraps of coloured card
  • scraps of wool
  • leaves, feathers and flowers

I think the pictures speak for themselves about what you can do with the crafty bits to turn them into fairies. We wrapped pipe cleaners round the sticks to create arms, glued pom poms and wool to the tops for hair and cut card straps for clothes.

popsicle fairies 4

popsicle fairies 2

We went into the garden with a little basket and collected things from the garden to decorate some of the fairies with – feathers, leaves, flowers and twigs all make good fairy clothes and embellishments.

popsicle fairies 3

My kids loved making these fairies then finding them in the garden.

popsicle fairies 6 popsicle fairies 9 popsicle fairies 8 popsicle fairies 7

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