Life in Pictures: Just Keep Swimming

seaford swim 4

Or like, waddle inelegantly into the water, squeal at the cold, stumble over pebbles and feel jealous of anyone wearing crocs*. It wasn’t the longest dip I’ve ever had in my life… and I’m not sure any real swimming was done… but we went in the water! In England! For about 4 minutes!

*note – this is the only time you are ever allowed to feel jealous of anyone in Crocs. Unless you’re 3.

  seaford swim 8 seaford swim 7

I’ve lived near the sea for 7 years and this is the first time I’ve been brave enough to get in the water. We had our little dip, then we cuddled up in towels to warm up and the kids played with the pebbles so long that we got to talk (argue) about all the stuff we need to do for our house refurb. We haven’t been away for a few years with moving and now the renovation, but this felt like a tiny piece of holiday in our own little Seaford and it was enough to leave me feeling all refreshed and happy. Then Ikea rang me and said my sink wouldn’t be delivered for 6 more weeks and it slammed me back into reality. hmph.

seaford swim 3

I love this pic of us. Although I have just zoomed in on Amelie and realised she has a fork in her face. I took about 8 of these pics, fork in the bloody face on every single one. So I’m ignoring that part.

seaford swim 5 seaford swim 6 seaford swim 10 seaford swim 1 seaford swim 2

So if you’re by the sea, get in the water. Get the Crocs on and get in the water!

Tia x


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  1. What a gorgeous photo of you all (and I totally wouldn’t have noticed the fork! Loving that yellow jumper Tia, what a super colour on you xx) – and I also lived in Brighton for 7 years and never went in the sea! Lots of love from sunny France xx

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