Life in Pictures: The End of Summer

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Every Thursday for the past year, we’ve been meeting up for a Little Button hangout. We try to do something fun, unless we’re snowed under with work (when we become multi-tasking masters!), and we’ve of course been documenting it with photos. Now the summer is coming to an end and Amelie starts school in a matter of days, it’s a bit of an end of an era for us.



The buttons have grown so close and love hanging out. There’s still the usual squabbles and tantrums over certain toys (always the pink car!) but generally they’re happy just to be hanging out.

big park peacehaven 1 IMG_0251 big park peacehaven 5

One of the places we really love to go is a big park which is half way between both of us. It’s got the biggest swings we’ve ever seen and is always quiet, even in the holidays.

big park peacehaven 4big park peacehaven 2 big park peacehaven 3

Summer wouldn’t have been complete without a bit of paddling pool action. Hove Lagoon is great because as well as a pool, there’s a cafe and park all in the same place. Why did we not have places like this when we were little?! It’s ace!

swim2 swim3  swim5 swim6swim1

We’re sad that Harper and Amelie won’t get to hang out as much but excited for Amelie and the start of her school adventure. We’re also going to have a few child free days to be able to do some uninterrupted work and plough more time and dedication into this blog. Hoorah!

~ Laura & Tia xx ~

10 thoughts on “Life in Pictures: The End of Summer

  1. Aww it looks like you have had a lovely summer, I can’t believe how quickly it went? I love all these photos, especially the ones of them sharing a swing. So cute! xx

  2. Oh the last summer before school, I remember it so well. Well done you for making the most of it and you have some great photos to show for your lovely day out. I keep mentioning the idea of one of these paddling pools to farmer Nick. I think it would be perfect for Coombe Mill and clearly the Little Buttons enjoyed their time in the water. I have my first leaving school for university this month, that also feels like the end of an era.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

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