Biscuit Tic Tac Toe


I’ve got a little obsession with biscuits. I count them as one of the major food groups after cheese and bread. I try not to keep them in the house, but since The Great British Bake Off returned they’ve crept back into our cupboard. Instead of just eating biscuits I thought I’d make a version of tic tac toe (noughts and crosses) using my favourite biscuits (Bourbons) and what Harper says are hers (she’s never actually had a Party Ring, but she likes the fact that they’re pink).

You will need:

  • A2 piece of foam board
  • Pink, white, brown, green and gold acrylic paint
  • Craft varnish
  • Paintbrushes
  • Craft knife and cutting mat
  • Brown permanent pen
  • Ruler
  1. Begin by cutting out your pieces from the foam board. Cut the following:
  • 2 squares 26cm x 26cm
  • 5 rectangles 5.5cm x 2.5cm
  • 5 x circles (5cm diameter)

diy biscuit tic tac toe  diy biscuit tic tac toe

  1. From one of the squares draw nine equally spaced squares with a two centimetre border all around them. Use a craft knife and a ruler as a guide to cut them out. With the circles, draw a smaller circle in the middle (1.5cm diameter).

diy biscuit tic tac toe

  1. Paint your pieces. Paint the Party Rings pink on the top, bottom and sides. I was going to do them all different colours but realised Harper only likes the look of the pink ones! Paint the Bourbons brown. For the board, paint the base gold and the frame pink and green. You will need several coats to get a nice finish. When the base coats are dry, paint on the biscuit details with white paint for the Party Rings and use a brown permanent marker for the Bourbons.

diy biscuit tic tac toe     diy biscuit tic tac toe

  1. Add a coat of craft varnish to the biscuits and the frame part of the board. Once dry, cover the back of the frame with double-sided tape and stick on top of the base.


Then get playing! The first person to get three biscuits in a row (without eating any) wins!. Store your biscuits in a little tin when you’ve finished playing.

img_1534 img_1544 img_1546 img_1553

~ Laura xx ~

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  1. Thank you Kim!!! It’s so simple to make and the nice thing is once the kids get board with one type of biscuit you can make some more with different types of biscuits. I think my next ones will have to be Custard Creams! Thanks for taking the time to comment xx

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