Back to School Craft Trends


So that’s it, the summer holidays are over. Didn’t they go quick? Or not, if you were trying to entertain a hoard of grouchy kids in the rain for 70% of it. We thought we’d share our favourite back-to-school themed makes from some awesome blogs we love to read, as well as one or two or our own (because we are just that vain).

1. This Chalk Board Mug by A Beautiful Mess

2. Kawaii inspired mason jar pen pots by International Arrivals

3. These Washi Tape Pencils by Passion Shake

4. Tia’s Embroidered Pencil Case (which is already covered in felt tip pen…)

5. This delicious Pineapple Drawstring bag by Make It & Love It

6. Laura’s Felt Letters & Drawstring Bag

We have a couple of PE/ballet bags in the pipeline (both of which were meant to be made before school started but we failed on that) so keep a look out for them in the next few weeks! Although we wish we’d seen that amazing pineapple bag before we started on ours…

Tia & Laura x