Life in Pictures: Zante


Last week we stumbled upon a super bargain deal holiday to Zante – just outside the summer holidays, just before Amelie started school. Just before we’d be trapped forever by school term times! We haven’t had a holiday abroad in 3 years with all the moving/renovating house stuff. So we booked it, about 2 days before we flew out. I then obviously went into panic meltdown realising that there are a thousand things to do before you go away – last minute holiday planning = a bit stressful actually. We had a few blips… we almost missed the flight and then we were all in separate seats (oops, might be less stingy and pick seats next time). But once that plane landed in Zante I felt like something had been unplugged in my brain. Oh that made it sound like I went a bit crazy didn’t it :-)

zante-holiday-little-button-diaries-1 zante-holiday-little-button-diaries-2 zante-holiday-little-button-diaries-29

Zante is beautiful. Full of almost-looks-a-bit-fake turquoise blue seas, incredible food and a super chilled out friendly vibe. We only had a week, and it whooshed by, but it was all we needed.


We had a thunderstorm on our first day. Not just a bit of rain you understand – a full on thunderstorm with a slightly scary tornado whipping up the sea just beyond our balcony. We were the only ones on the beach that day (I wasn’t wasting my holiday inside!). We got a bit wet and the kids got a bit grumpy. And looking at that pic below I didn’t realise quite how grumpy they were. Oh dear!

zante-holiday-little-button-diaries-9 zante-holiday-little-button-diaries-18  zante-holiday-little-button-diaries-17 zante-holiday-little-button-diaries-16  zante-holiday-little-button-diaries-48 zante-holiday-little-button-diaries-40

This is shipwreck bay, with the most incredible dazzling water. It’s a real shipwreck, abandoned by cigarette smugglers apparently. Desperate times.

zante-holiday-little-button-diaries-45 zante-holiday-little-button-diaries-53 zante-holiday-little-button-diaries-46zante-holiday-little-button-diaries-51 zante-holiday-little-button-diaries-52zante-holiday-little-button-diaries-6-bwzante-holiday-little-button-diaries-43 zante-holiday-little-button-diaries-42 zante-holiday-little-button-diaries-23

The girls have just hit an age where they play happily together. They like each other a lot, they’ve become little besties and I could just spend hours watching them whispering sweet little nothings to each other. Actual nothings – they really don’t make much sense at all to me. But they have each other in hysterics, and its adorable. I never had a sister, I always wanted one and I’m so glad they’re friends. I know they’ll be screaming and punching each other in a few years (or weeks) but for now it’s lovely.

zante-holiday-little-button-diaries-34 zante-holiday-little-button-diaries-36zante-holiday-little-button-diaries-35  zante-holiday-little-button-diaries-38

Sorry to be the annoying twat dumping all my holiday snaps on the blog! But Zante is beautiful – if you’re after a last minute (not TOO last minute) holiday that’s perfect for kiddies, lovely and inexpensive then this is your place.

Tia x