GBBO Picture Pancakes

Ok, we’re big fans of The Great British Bake Off and always down tools at 8pm on Wednesday, mainly so we have two hands to eat cake or biscuits (actually cake AND biscuits) whilst watching it. Last week their technical challenge was to make lacey pancakes and we both thought that looked easy peasy. Surely, it’s just drawing a picture in a frying pan right?


We made a little video of our attempts and thought we’d share it with you as not everything we make goes to plan. Feel free to leave Paul Hollywood style comments below! These pancakes are easy to make and kids will love eating a wonky bear or an ‘A’ that looks like the Eiffel Tower gone wrong. We also attempted a pineapple (gave up after 4 attempts) and some sunglasses that just looked like bad blobs. Nonetheless, our kids squealed with delight when we gave them the leftovers in the afternoon!

GBBO contestants we salute you for your baking skills! We’re putting our applications to be a contestants on next year’s show on hold for now.

~ Laura & Tia xx ~

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