Giant Pom Pom Letters


I can’t seem to get pom poms out of my head at the moment. Every time I have an idea for a project, my brain goes “OOH that would look good with pom poms on it!” Hence the pom pom earrings (and Laura’s amazing clutch bag) we posted recently. I have pom pom curtains and a hat (that looks better in my head than it sounds written down!) in the pipeline too, but I’m holding back so as not to bore you to death with my obsession with woolly balls.

So for now, I’m just going to stick with the giant pom pom letter A that I made for Amelie’s door. Full of fluffy goodness!

You Will Need:

  • wool in 3 contrasting colours
  • corrugate card
  • co-ordinating washi tape
  • strong glue

1. Draw and cut your letter from corrugated card. The letter A is quite easy so I sketched mine but you could print a template from the web too. Avoid narrow sections and small holes – the width of the letters must fit a pom pom on. Cut out 2 letters and glue together for added strength.


2. To cover the corrugations, add strips of washi tape all the way around the edge of the letter.


3. Now to make the pom poms. Get a cup of tea and put that box set on, this is great background crafting. For a medium (about 1.5in) pom pom, wind the wool around four fingers 30-40 times. Peel away and tie with another bit of wool in the middle, as tightly as you can. Snip through all the loops and trim to the size you want it.


You can make smaller ones by wrapping less wool round less fingers (2 fingers wrapped about 20 times worked for me). For biggies, wrap around your palm and get a good 50-60 wraps of wool. Use strong glue to stick the pom poms onto the letter. Pack them in nicely so there are no gaps of card visible.


Look at all that wool! Hoarder that I am, I sat there for ten minutes trying to work out what I could make with the snippings. I put them in a bag then realised I’m insane and threw it in the bin.


I added a small hook onto the door and hung the sign, but it looks nice propped up too.


giant-pom-pom-letters-by-little-button-diaries-7 giant-pom-pom-letters-by-little-button-diaries-9giant-pom-pom-letters-by-little-button-diaries-8

Tia x