Life In Pictures: The Color Run

Brighton color run 2016 - little button diaries

Last weekend Harper and I did a first – we ran the Brighton Color Run together. It’s a 5km race where you get showered in powder paint on your way around the course.

colourrun4 Brighton color run 2016 - little button diaries

I’ve got a long history of running, starting when I was 16 and was working on the reception of my local gym. I’ve run everything from 5kms to marathons, and going for a run keeps me on the right side of sane.

Since having my two Little Buttons I have found it harder to get out running. I’m always tired, got nagging back problems and will quite happily flop on the sofa all dressed in my running gear when the kids are in bed and never quite make it out the door. Please tell me I’m not the only one?!

Anyway, I’ve been getting into my running groove again this year and have been doing my local Park Run, where Harper has come to watch and, slowly, has either wanted to join in, or has stood trying to high-five every runner that goes past. And I mean every runner.

So with our friend Kate, we signed up to ‘the rainbow run’, as Harper affectionately named it, put on our whitest t-shirts and gave it a go.

colourrun2 colourrun3

As 5km is a bit far for Harper’s little legs she was waiting at the halfway point with Nick and Grayson, and she ran the final half. I had a real proud mum moment as she really tried her best and ran holding mine and Kate’s hand and only asked for a piggy back when going through the paint throwing bits as she didn’t want to get colour on her (I think she missed the memo on the point of the run!).

Brighton color run 2016 - little button diaries  img_1968 img_2074Brighton color run 2016 - little button diaries

We all had a lot of fun getting covered in paint at the end and Harper particularly enjoyed emptying a whole packet of paint over my head… that and the blackcurrant drink with a picture of Elsa on that she got to drink at the end!

~ Laura xx ~

8 thoughts on “Life In Pictures: The Color Run

  1. Ah it looks so much fun! I have wanted to do one of these for years but have never actually got round to it. I just think it looks fab. I love all the photos. xx

  2. The colour run does look like a family fun way to introduce running to the whole family. I bet you had quite a crowd watching with all that colour flying around down on the seafront. the pictures really show off the essence of the day and everyone entering must be up for a laugh. Well done Harper running so far between you both, this will definitely be an event to remember.

    Thank you for joining me for #CountryKids

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