Mini Makers Sneak Peek: Picture Clock Tutorial

mini makers by little button diaries

We thought we’d give you a sneak peek into our favourite book so far (shh don’t tell the others!), Mini Makers. It’s a really special book to us. It took a long time to put together and all of the projects were tested out on our little guinea pigs. We’re really proud of how it turned out.

The book is crammed full of craft projects you can make with you kids, as well tips on easy crafting with kids and ideas for how to adapt and play with the things you make.

mini makers by little button diaries

So we thought we’d give you a little peak inside and share a project from the book – this canvas picture clock, which we had so much fun making. As the clocks are going back soon (boooo darkness) we thought it was apt!

The clock is a gentle introduction to telling the time and creates a visual timetable of the day – great for kids who are learning about numbers, time and daily routines. The clock is made from an art canvas and a clock mechanism. It has removable pictures depicting activities associated with different times of day, which kids will love to draw out and see how their day is broken up. You can build up your picture collection as your habits and routines change!


You will need:

  • 12in (30cm) square art canvas
  • Dinner plate
  • Clock mechanism
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Tape measure
  • Acrylic paint in six different colours
  • 12 x velcro dots
  • Stick-on numbers 1–12
  • 1 or 2 sheets of A4 white card
  • Felt-tip pens
  • Bottle lid, about 1.5in
  1. Find a dinner plate that is a little smaller than your canvas. Place it in the centre and draw around it lightly with a pencil. Divide the circle into 12 equal parts and mark each of these points.


  1. Place the bottle lid over each of the 12 marks on the circle and draw around it in pencil.


  1. Paint each circle with brightly coloured acrylic paint. Once dry, add velcro dots to the centre of each circle. Using a tape measure, find the centre point of the canvas and mark it with a pencil.


  1. Poke a hole in the canvas with the pencil and push the clock mechanism through. Fix the hands in place, following the manufacturer’s instructions.


  1. Take the stick-on numbers and attach them onto the clock next to each circle.


  1. For the stick-on activities, use a pencil and ruler to draw out a grid with square boxes measuring 1.5in onto white card. Draw pictures in each square to represent a daily activity. Draw as many as you like, but bear in mind it is best if you have at least 12! Variations for different days would make the activity more engaging. Colour the pictures in with bright felt-tip pens.


  1.  Cut the squares out and attach the opposite velcro dots onto the reverse of each picture.


Children thrive on routine and love to know what they will be doing during the day. Filling up the clock with pictures of the day’s activities could become a nice morning or bedtime ritual. You could also attach the activities to the clock as you are about to do them to encourage children to learn about the hours of the day.

mini makers by little button diaries

Clock mechanisms are surprisingly affordable, which means you can create a clock from anything you can punch a hole in! Paper plates, blackboards and fabric-covered embroidery hoops would all make interesting DIY clocks.

Mini Makers is available to buy now in all good bookshops (we love writing that phrase) and online. We’re counting down to the release of our next book in a week and this one has 100 craft activities for kids so it’s a whopper!

Happy crafting!

Laura & Tia xx