Life in Pictures: Bell Tents in Dorset


A couple of weekends ago, when we realised the sun would (probably) be shining, possibly for the last time all year, we decided to do a last minute camping trip in a bell tent in Dorset. We’ve never been in a bell tent before and, to be honest I’ve been put off in the past because they usually charge the same as a decent hotel. I still do kind of think that, but it was fun and the kids had a total blast.


Look at that morning face. Don’t you just love their puffy little morning faces? There was a little barn pub at the campsite and the kids played for about 3 hours chucking hay over each other. They were totally crazy about it (actually crazy, look at Amelie’s manic expression.Bah ha!).

camping-weymouth-28 camping-weymouth-29 camping-weymouth-37

camping-weymouth-33 camping-weymouth-41camping-weymouth-34

camping-weymouth-35  camping-weymouth-17 camping-weymouth-18 camping-weymouth-11   camping-weymouth-36

Bye bye summer. I love Autumn though, I’m good with that.

Tia x

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  1. This looks so gorgeous! Which camp site was it? I’m trying to convince Dan to do a camping trip with the girls but he is a nature-phobe!!
    Lovely pictures, you are all beaut xxx

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