Life In Pictures: Wakehurst Place

wakehurst place - little button diaries

We quite often find ourselves venturing out to a National Trust place of a weekend when we’ve not got a swimming lesson, a birthday party or any work planned, and our favourite by far is Wakehurst Place. It’s a bit of a drive from Brighton, which inevitably means the kids are mega grumpy when we get there as they’ve napped in the car, but it’s well worth the moody mini ones.

wakehurst place - little button diaries

After a particularly bad night’s sleep a few Sundays ago we decided to cancel our plans and head to Wakehurst to console ourselves with cake and to give the kids a chance to work out all their wriggles, and hopefully sleep better. However, as we only took the single buggy, Harper decided that she couldn’t possibly walk anywhere so we had a bit of a toss-up between going home early (and missing the cake) or taking it in turns to give her piggy backs. Please tell me someone else’s child does this too?

wakehurst place - little button diaries wakehurst8   wakehurst place - little button diarieswakehurst place - little button diaries wakehurst place - little button diarieswakehurst place - little button diaries

Harper was not up for walking, playing or having her photo taken but I did manage to grab her to tell her it was cake time. We had about half an hour of all playing nicely, no meltdowns and a slice of cake. Our grand plan to wear the kids out didn’t quite happen and they still slept badly that night!

~ Laura xx ~