DIY Halloween Tops

DIY monochrome halloween tops - little button diaries

With Halloween just around the corner, I wanted to make a few outfits for the kids on the cheap, and something they would wear again. I used a couple of black tops we already had and a bit of sewing to create these spider web and pumpkin outfits. Team the tops with a pair of black or grey trousers and you’ve got an easy and vaguely stylish Halloween look!

DIY halloween tops by little button diaries

For the spider web top and hair clip:

  • Black top (I got ours here)
  • 3m thin silver ribbon
  • Tailor’s chalk and ruler
  • Embroidery hoop
  • A few silver sequins
  • White sewing thread
  • Scrap of black sparkly felt
  • Strong glue
  • Hairclip

1. Begin by laying your top out flat and using tailor’s chalk and a ruler to draw a spider web around the collar.

DIY halloween tops by little button diaries

2. Cut your ribbon to the size of each vertical line of the spider web and pin in place. Hand sew using white thread. To prevent the ends fraying you can gently singe them using a lighter so the threads fuse together at the end.

DIY halloween tops by little button diaries

3. Pin ribbon along the horizontal lines of the web and sew in place. Using an embroidery hoop is a really good way to keep the fabric taut, which makes it easier to sew the ribbon on. Sew a few silver sequins onto the web to resemble raindrops.

DIY halloween tops by little button diaries

4. To make the spider hair clip, cut out a spider shape from felt measuring approximately 3.5cm in length and 5cm width. Cut a small felt rectangle that is wider than the width of your hairclip. Use strong glue to attach the rectangle onto the back of the spider. Put a dab of glue onto each end of the rectangle. Once the glue has dried, slide the spider onto the hairclip.

DIY halloween tops by little button diaries DIY halloween tops by little button diaries diy halloween tops - little button diaries
I can’t take any credit for Grayson’s little pumpkin top as I spotted a DIY for it on Instagram (I’m slightly obsessed with this lady’s account!). Seriously, check out her makes, they are brilliant! To go with the top, I added a matching felt trick-or-treat bag.


For the pumpkin top and bag you will need:

  • Black top
  • A4 sheet white felt
  • A4 piece of interfacing
  • White and black sewing thread
  • Three A4 sheets sparkly black felt
  • Iron
  1. For the top, simply draw a jack-o’-lantern eyes, nose and mouth onto paper as a template. Lay the interfacing, white felt and templates on top of each other, pin together and cut out. Then follow the manufacturer’s instructions to iron the interfacing and felt face onto the top. Then sew in place with a sewing machine using white thread.

DIY halloween tops by little button diaries

2. The trick-or-treat bag is a quick 15 minute job (minus the time my sewing machine stopped working whilst trying to sew). I followed this old tutorial on how to sew the bag together.

DIY halloween tops by little button diaries

The dimensions of the bag are 18cm wide x 23cm long and 5cm deep. I used the same jack-o’-lantern face as the top and sewed it onto one of the large pieces of felt before sewing the bag all together.

DIY halloween tops by little button diariesDIY halloween tops by little button diaries

So there you have it, two cheap outfits that can be worn again after fright night. Harper’s already insisting I call here Spidergirl Harper and we’ve still got a week and a half to go to Halloween. If you’re in need of some really quick, last-minute costume ideas then have a look at our no-sew witch and bat costumes!

~ Laura xx ~