Life in Pictures: Am I Too Snap Happy?


I’ve been a bit unmotivated with my camera recently. To be honest, I’ve been feeling a bit bad about snapping a thousand photos a week and constantly having the lens in my kids face. I worry sometimes that I might be missing out on experiencing these moments by being behind my little memory box. I worry that my kids will grow up with every single second documented by photo or by film – whereas I have probably 30 photos per year of me as a kid. And just one (totally horrendous) video. Is that a bad thing? Perhaps not. But there will be no mystery for my kids. The boundaries between real memory and illusion of memory will probably get seriously blurred. So maybe I should step back a little.

I love photography, and I love taking photos of my kids. But back in the day when you only had 30 photos in a film, every picture had to be carefully thought out. Every one was special, even the blurry ones. Now we just hold down the shutter and hope for the best. So maybe I should try and only pull my camera out for the extra lovely moments – and when I do I might just only take the one photo.

I didn’t intend to write all that, it just seemed to fall on the page! What I meant to say was that I haven’t taken many photos this week. Me and the other button did get a little trip to London last week though, for the Knitting and Stitching show. It was fun! We did a bit of pom pom making and a bit of chatting and met some lovely people.

knitting-stitching-show-7 knitting-stitching-show-6 knitting-stitching-show-4 knitting-stitching-show-2

After the show we took a drive up to Hampstead, where I used to live with my good friend Abi. I haven’t been back for years and it brought back so many happy memories (none of them documented by photos!). We used to love living there, spending a huge proportion of our time in the pubs and scoffing crepes from THE most amazing little creperie in the world. If you ever go to Hampstead, please go to the Creperie. It’s heaven in a cone. I know I look a bit manic in the pic, but that’s what those Crepes do to you. I was so happy to have one again! (and no I did not share it with my children. They got cupcakes!)


I’m aware this is truly a rubbish pic, but I took it because it made me giggle when I walked past, remembering Abi walking smack bang into that lamp-post so hard that it wobbled quite dramatically for a good minute afterwards. We spent a lot of time in that pub.

I miss my London and my Abi :-)

Tia x