Halloween cat hair clips


These little cat hair clips are a nice little Halloween make and perfect for kiddies. They’re made from polymer clay which is great for kids as it’s brightly coloured and easy to work with. You could make any shape you like onto a clip, I think I might make a few more of different animals and maybe even a little unicorn…

You will Need:

  • black, white and pink polymer clay
  • craft varnish
  • 2 glue on gems
  • strong glue
  • plain hair clip
  1. Draw and cut a little cat’s head, about an inch high, onto paper to make a template.  It’s a good idea to draw half a cat, fold and cut to get a symmetrical shape.


  1. Roll the clay out to about 3mm thick between 2 pieces of cling film. The film helps the clay to not stick to your work surface, stops it from getting dirty and means you can test the thickness easily by feeling it. Cut a cat head shape using using the template.


  1. smooth any rough edges with your fingers. Roll a small piece (about 2mm) of pink clay into a ball. Use the tips of your fingers to squish it into a triangle shape, then press it in the centre of the face for a nose.


  1. Roll a small piece of white clay on the work surface until it is as thin as it will go without breaking. Cut about 7mm off the end and place next to the nose for a whisker. Add 3 whiskers to each side.


  1. Bake in the oven as per the manufacturers instructions. Once cooled, glue the gems on for eyes, then add a lick of varnish.


Glue onto a clip and you’re all set for spooking!



Tia x