Life In Pictures: A Busy Week

little button diaries

This week has been so busy! Usually our worky things get spread out a little bit but this week, er, nope. All whacked together in one jam-packed half term week. It’s been fun, hectic and tiring in equal measures.


We began the week doing a day of baking for our next craft book… the theme of which we won’t say but there might be a little clue in the pics if you’re clever enough to work it out :-). Luckily we only had Grayson around to help us out who spent the whole day trying to climb on the table (where the cake was) and say “ARRGH”. He wasn’t much of a help decorating biscuits.

Then we headed to Lewes for a photoshoot for our new book. It was a lot of fun. Like a very well themed children’s birthday party. Without the games. Or presents. Poor kids!

photoshoot4 photoshoot2 photoshoot-4photoshoot1 photoshoot-5photoshoot-3

Here’s a bizarre pic of Amelie’s grandma pulling out all the shots to get a smile. Makes us giggle, she looks totally manic! Possibly more terrifying than amusing? It was nice for us to not be the ones getting the kids to smile for a photo for a change though!

photoshoot-12 photoshoot-11photoshoot-8

Then we ended the week teaching a little craft workshop for kids in Brighton. We were so worried that no one would turn up. Or that we would forget a bag of craft supplies. But they did and we didn’t and it ended up being a lovely morning! And yes, We totally stole this poster. We stole ALL the posters.

yellowave-craft-event-little-button-diaries-1 yellowave-craft-event-little-button-diaries-4 yellowave-craft-event-little-button-diaries-5 yellowave-craft-event-little-button-diaries-6 yellowave-craft-event-little-button-diaries-7 yellowave-craft-event-little-button-diaries-6yellowave-craft-event-little-button-diaries-8

We made some projects from our current craft book, The Big Book of 100 Little Activities, gave out a lot of stickers (we had our own stickers! We stole those too!!) and ended with a few stories, which is one of our favourite things to do.

As it’s back to school and nursery this week, we intend to do very little so apologies of next week’s Life In Pictures is a tad dull!!

Tia & Laura x