Denim Dress Up-cycled Two Ways

denim dress up-cycle DIY

Back in the summer my lovely friend, Ashley from Little Time Design, and I set each other the challenge to up-cycle this gorgeous £6 Asda dress. It was the perfect blank canvas and was just crying out for a little customisation. So we bought one each and came up with our own individual up-cycled design. I went for a simple embroidered geometric collar and Ashley pulled out all the stops with autumnal crochet flowers… Here’s how we did it!

For the embroidered design, you will need:

denim dress up-cycle DIY

I drew a triangle template so I could keep the collar width the same and used satin stitch, and changed colour for each triangle. To be warned, this was fairly time consuming! Under each triangle, I did a running stitch with a few cross stitches in-between.

denim dress up-cycle DIYdenim dress up-cycle DIY

To add a little bit more detail I used a multi-coloured embroidery thread to add two lines of running stitch around the bottom of the sleeves and hem.

For the crochet flower trim you will need:

  • Light wash denim dress
  • Style Craft DK yarn in fondant, meadow, citron and sunshine
  • 3mm crochet hook
  • Sewing thread and needle

4 Petal Flower:

Using yarn sunshine. Magic circle, chain 1, 2 tr crochet into ring, chain 1, slip stitch into ring makes 1 petal, repeat 3 more times. Make 2.

5 Petal Flower:

Using yarn fondant & citron. Magic circle, chain 2, 2 dc into ring, ch 2, slip stitch into circle makes 1 petal, repeat 4 more times. Make 2 of each colour


Using yarn meadow. Foundation ch 10, (starting from 2nd ch from hook) 1 sc, 1 half dc, 1 dc, 3 tr crochet, 1 dc, 1 half dc, 1 sc, in last chain 3 sc, then work on other side of foundation ch; 1 half dc, 1 dc, 3 tr crochet, 1 dc, half dc, 1 sc, slip stitch to finish. Make 4

Place the flowers around the collar to arrange them, then sew in the ends to secure. Using a regular sewing needle and thread stitch the flowers securely on to the dress, sewing on the reverse of the fabric.

denim dress up-cycle DIY denim dress up-cycle DIY

There you have it! For more of Ashley’s craft creations you can visit her blog or go say hi to her on Facebook or Instagram.

~ Laura xx ~