Life In Pictures: Bodiam Castle

bodiam castle - little button diaries

So a while ago, before coat-wearing weather was truly upon us, we took a family trip to Bodiam Castle. We’ve been kinda busy of late with work and other commitments so it’s taken a little while to sort these photos out. When we’ve got a free weekend we seem to venture out to a National Trust place, at least while the weather was warm enough, and this one has to be a new favourite.

bodiam castle - little button diaries bodiam castle - little button diaries

I’m so proud of this little girl. As soon as she saw the archery, she knew she wanted to do it, despite not knowing what it was. She followed the teacher’s instructions and even got the arrow on the target. Now if she could only listen that well at home!

bodiam castle - little button diaries

bodiam castle - little button diaries

Recently, a new word has crept into Harper’s vocabulary. The word ‘cute’. I don’t believe it’s a word used lots in our house as we’re not in the cast of Clueless. None the less, everything is currently ‘cute’. We were looking at pictures of kings and queens before going, and according to H, the Queen is a ‘cute granny’ which I’m pretty sure she’s probably never been called before. Anyway, cute, cute, cute was how Harper also described Bodiam when she saw the castle and I have to agree with her, it’s a pint-sized pad.

bodiam castle - little button diaries bodiam castle - little button diaries

Harper actually believes she’s a bold and fearless knight, so to see a real castle was very exciting for her. She took along her Knight’s tabard to wear and was a tad disappointed that there weren’t any Vikings to bounce off her shield, or dragons, but she and Grayson still enjoyed running around the ruins. We did have a major meltdown situation in the gift shop. She wanted a helmet, shield and sword and wasn’t budging on leaving any of them in the shop. It was one of those fireman lift, kicking and screaming exits. We did compromise on making a shield and sword and seeing if Father Christmas will bring her a helmet (and writing this has reminded me to add it to the FC shopping list!)

bodies castle - little button diaries bodies castle - little button diaries bodies castle - little button diaries

Whilst Harper is quite content to wander off without even a backward glance to check we’re following, this little one is constantly either giving me a cuddle or holding my hand. He’s my ‘cute’ little shadow and I know he’s not always going to be my chief hand-holder so I’m making sure I get in all the hand squeezes while I can. I’m sure it won’t be long before he’s running after Harper and not looking back either.

~ Laura xx ~

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  1. Aw we love Bodiam Castle, it is really impressive and totally the scene for every imaginary castle story. I love the dressing up and it is rather “cute” . It looks like a lovely day when you visited, it has changed so suddenly from mild and summery to cold and wintery. I must say I’m rather taken with your denim pinafore too! Greyson is growing up so fast, he looks quite the little man holding our hand there.

    thank you for sharing a lovely looking day on #CountryKids

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