Mini Makers: Cardboard House


I was having a craft sort out the other day – I do this lots, with the aim of dramatically reducing all my craft crap. It doesn’t really work. I was chucking out some mount board (Why do I have mount board? I don’t need to mount anything! So to speak…) when I had an idea for a kids craft. A decorate-your-own-reusable-house-with-windows! Type thing. Not the catchiest of titles. But this is a super simple craft and one that kids can remake over and over again. You could also make it into an advent calendar for older children.

You Will Need:

  • Large sheet of Mount board, or cardboard
  • craft knife
  • 2 or 3 sheets of plain card
  • Masking tape

Draw out the shape of a house onto the board and cut it out using a craft knife. Draw on lots of windows, doors and a garage. then cut shutters into the windows and score lightly along where they will hinge open.


Decorate the front of the house to be coloured in, or leave it blank if your kids are old enough to do this themselves.


Masking tape card to the back of the house so that the windows are covered.


Now let the kids colour in the house and fill the windows and doors with their favourite people, pets and things.


For some reason Amelie decided to draw the same person in each window… which slightly defeated the object.I do like me in the doorway though, dressed in boring brown but with the colour hair I’ve been trying to achieve all year! Not sure what the weird thing to the right of me is though…

cardboard-house-kids-craft-little-button-diaries-8 cardboard-house-kids-craft-little-button-diaries-9

When they get bored of what they’ve made you can replace the card at the back of the house and they can start all over again filling the windows up.

Tia x