30 Amazing Elf on the Shelf Ideas

elf-ideasYou may have seen my post last week on my little DIY Elf on the Shelf sewing project. I was very proud of him, I tried my bestest this time :-).

I’ve been looking at fun (non OTT!) Elf on  the Shelf ideas and I thought I’d share with you my findings. I’m not a fan of the serious-effort-required ones. There are a few in the list below because I thought they were ace, but there are loads of super quick and easy ones too.


Your Mr (or Miss) Elf could be…

  1. Writing a letter to Father Christmas
  2. Drawing on bananas to turn them into minions by (Fancy Shanty)
  3. Playing dress up in dolls clothes
  4. Hiding amongst the soft toys
  5. Eating a yummy (milk-less!) bowl of cereal
  6. Colouring in a colouring book. Maybe not a precious one!
  7. Hiding in the fridge snuggled up in a blanket (His New Mercies)
  8. Having a little drive around in a toy car or truck
  9. Making mini pancakes (Home Stories A to Z)
  10. Building a cotton wool igloo (Domestic Femme)
  11. Making a lovely mess with a loo roll
  12. Opening a present
  13. Reading a book to the other toys.
  14. Skiing down the stairs (Pickle Head Soup)
  15. Caught by the Army and taped to a wall (Flickr pic)
  16. Taking a selfie on your phone
  17. Having a tea party with the toys
  18. Eating popcorn in front of the tv
  19. Making a mini paper chain (Love Life Celebrate)
  20. Drawing on daddy’s face (Melanie Lee)
  21. Snuggled in a little sleeping bag under the tree
  22. Drawing a self portrait on a chalk or white board
  23. Making a snow (flour!) Angel (Skinny Mom)
  24. Making a paper snowflake
  25. Playing a game, like skittles or a jigsaw puzzle
  26. Holding a treasure map that leads to goodies
  27. Playing with glitter or sequins
  28. building a toilet roll snowman (My Mommy Style)
  29. Pulling money out of a wallet
  30. Climbing the tree with a little climbing rope.

We’d love to hear your tried and tested Elf ideas too, please please share!

Tia x


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