Nap Time Craft: Pom Pom Gloves


As you already know, we’ve got a little thing for pom poms, and as pom pom gloves seem to be in all the shops at the moment, I thought I’d make a version for Harper on the cheap. I picked up a bargain packet of three pairs of gloves from H&M (£2.99).

You will need:

  • Cheap pair of gloves
  • Wool in three colours
  • Matching thread to wool and a needle


1. To make your pom poms – wrap wool around a fork about twenty times.

img_4134 img_4135

2. Ease the bundle off your fingers and wrap another piece of wool tightly around the middle of the bundle. Cut through the loops and then tidy up your pom pom with a little haircut.


3. Make two pom poms in each of your three colours.

img_4140 img_4163

4. Sew the pom poms onto the outer side of the gloves in a cluster and you’re done!

img_4634 img_4592 img_4639

An easy-peasy way to update boring gloves! Harper decided these were her special ice skating gloves – have a look here to see how our trip to the rink went.

~ Laura xx ~