Life in Pictures


This Christmas feels like it might be the loveliest one yet.  Both my girls have a good enough understanding of what it’s about (like, ish) and it feels pretty magical. We’ve not done a lot in the way of decorations yet because our house is still being refurbished (boooo) but we did drive to a farm to get our Christmas tree this weekend. The farm was closed. Massive anti-climax, excited happy children quickly turned into wailing angry children. We f~ked up. But we plied them with snacks and headed to our little local Christmas fair which cheered them right up.

christmas-fair-little-button-diaries-1christmas-fair-little-button-diaries-2 christmas-fair-little-button-diaries-10


We’ve got our advent stockings up and this year I decided to fill them a day at a time rather than panic stuffing them the night before December with toys they already have but hopefully have forgotten about. This is way less pressure. Clearly we have a daily scrap over who gets to open them, but they’re always so happy to see whatever is inside. Even when it’s just a sticker or rolled up note from the elves (that was yesterday :-) Look how happy she is to see the tube of paper!).


Tia xx